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Tam Posla – Free 3D Print Collectible



Hey everyone!

For those of you who don’t know, both Matt and I have been involved in a few Star Wars movies, Matt however was the Lead Concept Artist on Star Wars Rogue One and he also played a character called Tam Posla (you see what they did there with the name? If not read it backwards) in the same movie. Unfortunately more or less all scenes with Tam Posla was cut from the movie which meant that Matt then probably would never see his character come to life as a collectible of some sort. We both LOVE collectibles so this then led to me saying “Why don’t we make our own collectible of Tam Posla?”. “Great! ” said Matt, and here we are.

Both Matt and I have worked as artists on a couple of Star Wars movies but this is NOT an official piece licensed or endorsed by Disney or LucasFilm. We didn’t design the Tam Posla character either. Original design is by Adam Brockbank and Glyn Dillon for LucasFilm. We just designed the weapons, platform, pose and did some minor tweaks here and there. We both just really love the Star Wars Universe and cool collectibles in general so we felt we wanted to do something that other people would also enjoy.

Like I wrote in the beginning, this is a FREE model consisting of 37 pieces in total. There’s no tech support when it comes to getting these pieces printed.

I’ve exported the model to separate .rar packs in separate OBJ and STL format with FDM printers in mind (e.g. Zotrax M200). This means that they’re solid meshes. If you’re going to print on a SLA printer (e.g. Formlabs Form 2) you’ll have to do some manual labor like making the models hollow with drain holes. All parts do however have fitted keys to them which should be helpful when assembling it.









It would however be fun to see what your final print end up like. So please feel free to post a picture on Instagram with #TamPoslaLives to me at @ChrisBrandArt and Matt @cuppasketch.

We hope you’ll enjoy the model as much as we have.


/Chris & Matt